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Fake Too Fake by Giovanni Bortolani

Giovanni Bortolani is photographer and digital artist. Begins to shoot pictures at age 11 with the aim of painting landscapes in the garage. Throughout the high school years he develops his projection technique which he uses to paint trompe l'oeil. Pupil of Bruno Munari, he becomes visual designer in Milan at the beginning of the Eighties.

He studies at the �Accademia di Belle Arti� & focuses on advertisement photography in Switzerland. They starts working as a video maker, art director & photographer & realizes lots of awarded campaigns for eminent brands. Still they doesn't manage to forget his passion & enthusiasm for experimentation of new roads & for sharing his knowledge by means of international workshops. Pioneer of the digital world & wise elderly retoucher, they gets distracted by the clouds but keeps on painting with light. Living between Milan & Bologna they establishes Hangar58, a workshop dedicated to creativity applied to the digital picture.

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