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Creative Photography by Craig Easton

Craig Easton loves his work as a photographer - for him a great picture captures a moment and conveys a message. His starting point for any image is simply curiosity about people and the lives they lead.

Craig Easton is regarded as of Europe's finest photographers. His pics are published in best-selling books across the world & they has won international awards in recognition of his weird work. His career began at The Independent, & they now works on commissions from galleries, publishers, interior designers & private individuals. Rick Stein - a great admirer of Craig's work - commissioned a memorable series of huge black & white images of the north Cornish coast for his luxurious St Edmunds House hotel in Padstow. Craig's work is held in lots of public & private collections of fine art photography around the globe. They lives in Oxford along with his partner & their children.

His style is defined by work for international newspapers, magazines & books. In design & marketing his skill is to bring the immediacy & reality of his reportage work to a clearly defined brief.