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Violet Thistle Flower

Violet Thistle Flower

THISTLE is a term applied to many kinds of plants which have noticeably prickly or spiny leaves or stems. Many of them are troublesome weeds. Others, such as the globe and star thistles, are grown as ornamentals. Star thistles are close relatives of the cornflowers, or bachelor’s-buttons. The Russian thistle, or turn-blueweed, belongs to the same family as the beet. It was introduced into the United States from Russia in flaxseed. When mature, tumbleweeds break off at the surface of the soil. They may be blown long distances by the wind, thus scattering their seeds. The weed is especially troublesome in the western United States.


  1. Beautiful pics of thistles!

    1. Thank you satakkies. Don't forget, the pics are not mine, just collected in one single post :)