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Asters Flower

Beautiful Violet Asters Flower

ASTER is a flowering plant of the Compositae family. It is so common in the United States that it has been suggested as the national flower. More than 175 species grow in North America. The flower also grows in parts of Europe, Asia, and South America. Toward the last of August and throughout September and October, these beautiful starry wild flowers burst into bloom. The aster (from the Greek aster, meaning “star”) was so named because of its radiating or starlike flower head. It is found largely in North America.

Asters are usually perennial plants. The flowers have yellowish or brownish disks encircled by white, purple, violet, blue, rose, or pink rays. Two handsome species are the New England aster, with its numerous large violet or purple rays, and the New York aster (Aster novi-belgii), which has light blue and white blossoms. They bloom until after the first frost. Both of these are common in the northeastern United States.

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