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Amaryllis Flower

Amaryllis Flower

AMARYLLIS is a genus of plant that has only one species, the belladonna lily (Amaryllis belladonna). Many lily like plants of the same family, however, are commonly called amaryllis, including the daffodil, snowdrop, tuberose, century plant, and more than 1,000 others.

The belladonna lily, which is native to South Africa, grows from a bulb. Its stalk is 18 to 30 inches high. It is topped by a cluster of 6 to 10 trumpet-shaped flowers which grow about 3 inches long. The fragrant, six-petaled blossoms are typically rose red, but they may be pink, purple, or white striped. Long, narrow leaves appear after the flowers wither.

The plants in the amaryllis family have long stems and many long, narrow leaves. The flowers are made up of six petals, and they may grow in clusters or as a single blossom. Some of the amaryllises are especially fragrant more than half of the amaryllis family are grown from bulbs. The remaining plants are grown from cons or rhizomes.

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