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Beautiful African Golden Cat Photos

African Golden Cat

The African Golden Cat is a medium sized cat and can grow to 90cm in body length and weigh up to 18kg.

Although its name implies a golden coloured coat the golden cat is polymorphic - its base coat coloration varies extensively depending on its location -ranging from a golden/reddish brown to slate/silver grey.

A report of a golden cat in captivity even suggest that the base colour of the fur can change from one colour phase to the other over a period of time depending on the age of the cat and various environmental stimuli.

The under sides of the chin, chest and abdomen are usually lighter and in some cases almost pure white - in some individuals the head and body is spotted.

Its long tail, which measures up to 40cm, is marked with dark line along the top and ends in a brown or black tip. The head caries distinctive light markings around the eyes and above the mouth - the small ears are dark coloured on the rear face. African