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Eric Rolph

Eric Rolph is a Maui commercial photographer whose clients include General Electric, Coca-Cola Corporation, MasterCard Worldwide, Democratic National Committee, Getty Images, Outside Magazine, Revolver, Backpacker Magazine, University of Washington, University of Utah, Contact Communications, Sunset Magazine, Abrams Books, The Royal Order of Kamehameha I, Seabury Hall, Maui Performing Arts Academy, Maui Memorial Medical Center, Richmond Publishing, and Electric City Printing.

Eric Rolph reveals the rare, authentic and enduring qualities of your many great moments. He achieves real emotional truths through creative mastery of narrative, gesture, light and composition. His photographs embed a philosophical, psychological and emotional clarity. Eric Rolph works hard to create a comfortable and relaxed shoot in order to produce genuinely spectacular photographs. He recognizes that each shoot is a window into a very special and important world - a shared belief in your world and preserved through the power of stunning photography meant to be passed on as vivid visual memories for generations now and to come.

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