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Tiffany Cat Photos

Tiffany Cat Photos

Tiffany cat from cat fur is brown with a semi longhair and semi-foreign body type. Presumably these cats are the descendants of Burmese type. But Tiffany Cats have fur that is darker. Another name is Ras Chantilly Tiffany cat.
Short and wedge-shaped, with a long nose. The nose pad should be pink.

Large and round; pale amber in colour with pink rims to eyes.

Large, pointed, and tufted. Inside of ears should be shell-pink.

Facial Characteristics
Auburn-and-White Turkish Van Cat.

Auburn-and-White Turkish Van Cat
As befits a cat that comes from a region of Turkey that is extremely cold in winter, but hot in summer, the Turkish Van moults considerably during warm spells, becoming virtually a shorthair in look.

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