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Plastic Life Photography

Plastic life photography by Vincent Bousserez

Vincent Bousserez

Quirky French photographer Vincent Bousserez has created an entire world of tiny plastic people carrying out day-to-day activities. "Each photo becomes a poetic and humouristic screenplay which can be interpreted as [a] denunciation of our vices," he explains. Click through for some of our favorite shots of daily life in this strange, yet oddly familiar, world.

Vincent Bousserez2
Vincent Bousserez3
Vincent Bousserez4
Vincent Bousserez5
Vincent Bousserez6
Vincent Bousserez8
Vincent Bousserez7
Vincent Bousserez9
Vincent Bousserez10
Vincent Bousserez11
Vincent Bousserez12
Vincent Bousserez13
Vincent Bousserez14
Vincent Bousserez15
Vincent Bousserez16
Vincent Bousserez17
Vincent Bousserez18
Vincent Bousserez19
Vincent Bousserez20

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