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Amazing Photography from National Geographic

Photo and caption by Kathy Parker

Photo and caption by Dwi Putra Septiyana
The flaming red skin won’t last forever; it will turn green when it turns into an adult.

Photo and caption by Esteban Barrera
There was this incredible frog so close to me. I had my students light it with some flashlights to take the pictures. This was taken on a field trip in Mindo, Ecuador.

Photo and caption by Glen Espinosa
One of my favorite subjects in macro is the hoverfly (Syrphidae) because of its eye-catching colors.

Photo and caption by Trish Carney
Yellowstone! Had the pleasure of observing this grizzly sow and her cub this May. The snow was deep and the cub was riding on the sow's back as she was rooting through the snow for food. The sow had just caught a rodent and lifted her head to reveal her catch.

Photo and caption by Zahoor Salmi
The typical adult male Asian Paradise-flycatcher is about 20 cm long, but the long tail streamers double this. It has a glossy black crown and crest, blue eye-ring and a long narrow rounded tail.

Photo and caption by Robin Loznak
A small black-tailed deer fawn stands on a lightly used country road near Oakland, Oregon

Photo and caption by Doug Holstein
Early in the morning we came upon a female Leopard and two of her three-month-old cubs. The little ones were playing and wrestling with each other when this one jumped up into the tree to rest and observe what was going on around him. Mombo Camp is situated within the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana where this image was shot.

Photo and caption by Andrew Antov
A group of common blues gathered on top of a ferret excrement.

Photo and caption by Gaurav Pandit
This shot captures a sunbittern flying and showing off its awesome wings. Taken on the Cristalino River near the beautiful Cristalino Jungle Lodge in Amazon basin, Brazil.

Photo and caption by Taranpreet Singh
This photo is related to life, environment, plants, and animals. This photo describes our whole world. The people watching it will enjoy it.