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Plants Photography by Carsten Witte

Carsten Witte

Carsten Witte, born in 1964, is the venerable priest of beauty. Already as a little boy of three he slack-jadedly gazed after beauties that where passing by when he was walking at his mother's hand.

Many years later, after he had attended the Bielefeld school of photography, worked as assistant for renowned photographers and started his career as a freelancer with his own studio in 1989, he could finally dedicate himself exclusively to his perfect esthetics at taking shots of beautiful woman's bodies, their eroticism and chasteness and the sensual play of shadow and light, whereas he has never betrayed the deference to the beautiful creature.

Numerous national and international fashion and lifestyle magazines engaged the master of modern form finding and even in the advertisement Witte distinguished himself with the subtle and extremely reduced structures in his images. "It's always faces that fascinate me and this mysterious purity of really beautiful people", he said.
Carsten Witte2
Carsten Witte3
Carsten Witte4
Carsten Witte5
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Carsten Witte7
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