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Photography by Erik Wahlstrom

Photography by Erik Wahlstrom

Erik Wahlstrom

Erik Wahlstrom, a Game Designer / "Jack of all Trades" was born and raised in Portland Oregon.

Growing up in the rainy northwest, which is quickly growing into a hub for very distinctive an impressive talent in every medium of art, allowed Erik to be cultivated into a very well rounded and open minded person. Constantly seeking to improve upon what he has already learned he has scoured for knowledge from many great mentors and teachers through his life. Always looking to be one step ahead of the curve he traveled to Arizona for a year of Schooling in Game Art and Animation at University of Advancing Technology. He left after feeling that they had offered all they could to sustain his thirst for creativity. Coming home to continue his schooling he is currently attending PCC all the while taking the right steps in is free time to gain more of the right tools to finish any job.

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