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Creative Photography by Nick Onken

Creative Photography by Nick Onken

Nick Onken

In a baby picture that documents Nick Onken's first encounter with photography, he's holding a Kodak 110 Instamatic. Upside down. Not taking a photo. Probably trying to get it in his mouth or balance it on top of something. Though, the thing did look like a building block, give the kid a break. He was only 3. And the sun was in his eyes.

Obviously, this wasn't a moment of clarity for Nick that the camera was his tool for creation. It wasn't until 20 some years later that he actually put it to use.

After developing a passion for art, Nick became a graphic designer and spent five years graphically designing things. And it was cool. And it went well. But when he started taking photos for a couple of his clients he got noticed and decided to get serious. So he took the camera out of his mouth and started pushing the button. A lot.

Today, after shooting for clients like Nike, State Farm Insurance, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and Lamborghini, Nick is quickly spreading his philosophy of photography.
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