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Creative Photography by Ellen Kooi

Creative Photography by Ellen Kooi

Ellen Kooi
Dutch photographer Ellen Kooi, 1962, works and lives in The Netherlands. She makes large-scale photographs. They are stories created on camera that seek the border between reality and fantasy. The landscapes and the subjects, often young girls or boys, fit together perfectly and create a dramatic and poetic scene. Ellen has been in numerous exhibitions worldwide and her work can be found in various private and public collections. The following images come from her portfolio.

Ellen Kooi2
Ellen Kooi3
Ellen Kooi4
Ellen Kooi5
Ellen Kooi6
Ellen Kooi7
Ellen Kooi8
Ellen Kooi9
Ellen Kooi10
Ellen Kooi11
Ellen Kooi12
Ellen Kooi13
Ellen Kooi14
Ellen Kooi15
Ellen Kooi16
Ellen Kooi17
Ellen Kooi18
Ellen Kooi19
Ellen Kooi20

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