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Black and White Animal Photography by Giacomo Brunelli

Black and White Animal Photography by Giacomo Brunelli

Giacomo Brunelli

Italian photographer Giacomo Brunelli uses animals as inspiration for his work. His frequently unsettling depictions of familiar, often domesticated, animals question how much we truly understand the animal kingdom and its innate wildness.

Brunelli uses old Miranda 35mm SLR cameras made over 30 years ago and black and white film, and likes to work in the half-light to produce his powerful personal visions. Often the subject is picked out by a limited depth of field against a blurred and indistinct background, sometimes caught in a patch of light. Light, and lighting contrast, white against black, in some images is more important than sharpness. His printing is dark and sombre.

Brunelli is truly a hunter, catching the wild lives of these animals on the run, whether a dog prowling down an empty cobbled street or a cat in full flight.Some of the pictures show a more reflective mood, more the stalker.
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