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Wildlife Photography by Klaus Niggew

Born in 1956, photographer Klaus Nigge grew up fascinated with photography.

He started his photographic career at age 17 with a Tremendous 8 camera mounted on a self-made tripod. After studying philosophy & art & earning a degree in biology, they worked as a biologist for lots of years. But wildlife photography was his actual passion, so in 1992, Nigge became president of the Society of French Nature Photographers, & in 1995, they became a professional photographer.
Nigge is a "slow photographer," returning to the same place until they knows the environment or species. His aim is to show the animal as an individual with a persona and to accomplish an intimate portrait that captures an animal's true surroundings.

Nigge's work has been published in numerous U.S. and European publications, including National Geographic, GEO France, GEO Spain, GEO Russia, and Terre Sauvage. His work has also been published in several books, including Kamchatka, about eagles, bears, and volcanoes; Adlerleben, about the American bald eagle; and Return of the Emperor, about European bison in the primeval forests of Poland.

Currently Nigge is working as a freelance photographer, based in Luenen, Germany.