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London - Amazing Photography by Constantinos Hinis

Two eggs but no chicken
I was really hoping those lamps on the front would turn on before the colors on the sky were gone, but no luck there.
A 90sec exposure with a ND400 helped get rid of the crowds and created that silky texture on the sky.
Two eggs but no chicken

Near London City Hall...

Hammersmith bridge at evening
Hammersmith bridge at evening

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament as seen from just below Westminster Bridge.

For those interested, this is a single shot with a 9-stop ND filter, 2min, f/9, 12mm. Only processing is Raw development and geometric correction in Capture NX, otherwise out of the camera.

Instead of using a grad ND or separate exposures to balance the sky, I just held a 3-stop ND filter approximately over the area of the sky for about half the exposure.

London gold

That's Albert Memorial in Hyde Park, the round building on the left is Royal Albert Hall.

Light was stunning that evening and I thought I should try a different view, an extreme wide angle vertical panorama. The horizontal angle of view is actually almost 180 degrees.

London gold

St. Paul's cathedral

And of course a red bus...

St. Paul's cathedral

It's November and London's so colorful it's almost surreal!

That's Canada Memorial in Green Park, London.

Homeless in London

I haven't really seen a lot of homeless people in London, this was one of the first.

He was just sitting there, in perfect symmetry, with his dog on his lap, completely still (bare in mind the foreground is a 25sec exposure)!

The ghostly figures around him are people stopping to offer some money while crossing the Millennium Bridge.

Homeless in London

The world of LOndon

A cylindrical panorama projected onto a circle, with the lower dimension identified to a single point in the center.
It's called the "little planet" projection.

A big thanks to Mike for mentioning a ridiculously easy way of achieving this using Photoshop's polar coordinates distortion filter.

Simply resize a 360° cylindrical panorama into a square, rotate 180° and apply the filter

The World Of London

Radiant London

It seems I got lucky with the clouds, the sky cleared at just the right place and time...

A panorama with vertical shots from a wide angle, with 5 different exposures blended, and a single shot for the sky above the Big Ben, through a 10x ND, 2min shutter time.

Radiant London

"Vision of the Earth" part 2

That room is really dark, much darker than the photo, I had to use ISO 6400 for this one, hence the softness in some dark places.
Using a tripod is out of the question in this museum, there are security guards all over the place ready to jump on you...

"Visions of the Earth", take 2

"Visions of the Earth"

...a concept hall with a big metal sculpture depicting the Earth, big enough for people to pass through and enter the Earth exhibition.
London Museum of Natural History.

"Visions of the Earth"

Tower Bridge, London

Tower Bridge, London

London Eye at night, and a few airplane trails.

I liked how the plane seemed to be blown away by the Eye, I thought I should wait for some more to register in a frame and include these as well...

Tower Bridge with "The girl and the dolphin" sculpture on the front...

Mysterious gherkin

10sec exposure through a telephoto.
The air flowing around the "Gherkin" created an eerie effect with the lights...

Notice the red dot on the top left; that's the top of the adjacent building!

Mistyrious gherkin

A shot from back in December, from the Golden Jubilee Bridge looking towards the "Eye".

You can see the carousel and other Christmas attractions that had been set along the river.

That's st. Paul's cathedral as seen from the Millennium bridge.

The particular photo was a nightmare taking; literally hundreds of people walking and even cycling across the bridge, not to mention that whenever someone walked near me made the bridge wobble and ruin the exposure...

Image is made of 7 exposures 1 stop apart, with the middle exposure consisting of about 20 frames stacked for cloning people out.

Pretty much no editing, just Nikon's Vivid Mode!
Fall has arrived in a burst of color!
Richmond Park, London.

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