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Fashion Photography by Josefina Alazraki

Fashion Photography by Josefina Alazraki

Josefina Alazraki

Josefina Alazraki was born and actually lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She works in the photographic industry since an early age. She developed her passion by listening a lot of Punk Rock and admiring photographers such as Nan Goldin, Steven Neisel, Larry Clark, Ellen Von Unwerth among others. Photographer, Fashion Stylist and Graphic Designer she fusions her careers in order to pay fashion a tribute. Her style is defined and natural, this is what took her to publish in local and international media. Josefina developes herself in editorial, graphic campaigns, catalogues, product photography, advertising, among others.

Josefina Alazraki2
Josefina Alazraki3
Josefina Alazraki4
Josefina Alazraki5
Josefina Alazraki6
Josefina Alazraki7
Josefina Alazraki8
Josefina Alazraki9
Josefina Alazraki10
Josefina Alazraki11
Josefina Alazraki12
Josefina Alazraki13
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