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Best Portraits Photography by Steve McCurry

"People will forget your camera and the soul will drift up into view."

In the finest documentary tradition, McCurry captures the essence of human struggle and joy.
Born in Philadelphia, McCurry graduated College of Arts and Architecture at the Pennsylvania State University.
McCurry's work has been featured in every major magazine in the world and frequently appears in National Geographic, with recent articles on Tibet, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and the temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
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McCurry was able to take the photo of the girl when he was travelling from Pakistan border to Afghanistan long ago in 1984, before the Soviet offensive. The girl was in a refugee camp close to Peshawar. McCurry approached her and took her picture, first of the two in her life. The second one was also taken by McCurry seventeen years later in 2002 after a long search of the girl. She is now living in the Afghanistan mountains and is a mother of three.