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Amazing Black and White Fashion Photography by Marco Tenaglia

Amazing Black and White Fashion Photography by Marco Tenaglia
Marco Tenaglia

Marco Tenaglia
is a professional photographer based in Rome, Spain.

After finishing his schooling in the field of photography & graduating from "High Institute of Photography" in Rome, Marco began his career as a Professional Fashion, Beauty, & Modeling photographer, in the Fashion & Modeling industries. Due to his close ties to the fashion & modeling industries, & as the results of his connections & participation as a Professional Photographer in plenty of Fashion & Modeling events, both in Spain as well as United States of The united states, Marco had the chance to study & evaluate the differences between these (European & American) styles & cultures. Using his creative & artistic talents combined along with his technical expertise, Marco combined the European elegance with American style & ingenuity, to developed & created a new & unique way of photography to enhance & capture the essence & beauty of both the designs & the models. Marco is obtainable for Professional assignments in the Fashion, Modeling, & Commercial industries, both in Europe & United States of The united states.

Marco Tenaglia2
Marco Tenaglia3
Marco Tenaglia4
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Marco Tenaglia6
Marco Tenaglia7
Marco Tenaglia8
Marco Tenaglia9
Marco Tenaglia10
Marco Tenaglia11
Marco Tenaglia12
Marco Tenaglia13
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