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20 Distinct Dune Grass Pictures by Embassy Pro Books

beach bum by Pattys'photos

The grasses that grow on the coastal dunes go by several names (Marram Grass, Bent Grass, Beachgrass, since you asked). What's so special about these grasses is that they can survive under extreme circumstances. Moreover, in photography they create a very distinct atmosphere as you can see in the following pictures.

Starburst and Beach Grass On Turquoise by D. Sharon Pruitt

Birds of a feather flock together; Sand dunes, Dornoch beach by John Haslam

Beneath the veil lies my darkness. by Amy Clarke

Image by Ginny

Winterton-on-Sea Beach by CharisseJoyChu

Sea Grass by Simon Greening

Image by amanda tetrault

grass by Paul Hart

How frail the human heart must be; by Liz Poage

Seagrass Sunset by Michael Johnson

dune by lee

Life ring by Dan Brady

Image by Brenda Clarke

The Catch by Taylor Hand

The appeal of minimalism by The Frog

Sea Weeds 2 by Sharon Mollerus

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Mount Baldy by Drewski Mac

Long grass by Ellen Munro

Foot stepsby johnny myreng henriksen