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18 Extraordinary Pictures of Ants

The ant is one of the most inspiring creatures. Both tremendous strong and excelling at teamwork, ants can do wonderful things.

Miners by Steve Jurvetson

Bearded Lady by Steve Jurvetson

Face off by Steve Jurvetson

The Dancer by Charles Lam

Team Work by Buddy Venturanza

Size Zero.. Perfect Shape by Yogendra Joshi

Red Ants by William Cho

What is she up to i wonder? at Mount Faber, Singapore... by William Cho

Unity is Strength by William Cho

Antgagement? or "Hello" by William Cho

The Busybody by William Cho

Red Ants by William Cho

Ant Lion Portrait by Buddy Venturanza

Bleeding Heart by EloCTre

A Red Carpet Welcome! by William Cho

Reflection on ant.1 by Lorenzo

Delicious Dead Bee and Hungry Ants by Hamed Saber

Food Found by Charles Lam